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Must Read Industry Articles

McKinsey Releases 2nd Survey on Web 2.0 in Business
According to a new report, more and more forward-thinking businesses are moving beyond Web 2.0 experimentation and adopting these tools as part of their overall strategy.
By Raj Sheelvant, Social Computing Magazine


Using Search Engines to Reach Business Executives
Many BtoB marketers are frustrated by their inability to reach executive-level decision makers. Recent research indicates they needn't look further than the good ole Internet.
By Patricia Hursh, Search Engine Land


Who Says People Don't Respond to Long E-mail Copy?
Don't write short copy just because everyone tells you it's the only way to go. Test it—you may be surprised at the results.
By Karen Gedney, The ClickZ Network


BullData BtoB marketing professionals answer the question, "What's your biggest e-mail messaging challenge?"
Survey results.

BullBlog: Unleashing BtoB Marketing

Now comes the million dollar question: How can sales and marketing move from discord to harmony?
Read more.

Bulldog Solutions is a proud member of:

American Business Media

Marketing Watchdog Journal
August 2008, Issue 54
Play the video to hear a message from Kamran Shah, VP of Products at Bulldog Solutions.

Message Matters. Here's Why.
We hosted a Webinar earlier this month, Craft the E-mail that Gets 'em in the Seats, which reviewed battle-tested strategies for writing and designing effective BtoB e-mail promotions, from choosing a speaker to "bells and whistles" such as video.

In this issue, we offer a Q&A from the Webinar that covers some of the most interesting questions we received. I think you'll find it valuable. Even if you missed the live event, you can register for the on-demand version of the Webinar.

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Featured Article

Lisa Harmon  
Five Tips for E-mails that Fly Above the Fray
What's the ideal click-through rate? Are text e-mails better than branded ones? How do you design to accommodate Outlook's multiple preview panes? Lisa Harmon from design agency Smith-Harmon and Kamran Shah of Bulldog Solutions answer these questions and more.
> Read more
Q&A from the August 5 live Webinar, Craft the E-mail that Gets 'em in the Seats. View the on-demand Webinar.

Lead-Generation Best Practices

Karen Post  
Stuck in a Rut? Pump Up Your Company's Creativity (Part 1 of 2)
In order to craft the creative that will get your prospects to sit up and take notice, sometimes you have to take a step back. Does your company’s environment and leadership suppress the creative spirit? Or does it foster creative warriors?
> Read more
By Karen Post, The Branding Diva®, and Co-founder and CEO of

Social Media

Thom Singer  
How to Become the "Go-To" Guru: The ROI of Networking
If you only focus on short-term payoff, networking may not seem to have much ROI "bang." But research suggests that making it a priority will pay off in spades.
> Read more
By Thom Singer, Director of Business Development, vcfo

Sales Engagement

Jim Banks  
Increasing Your Batting Average in a Slow Economy
In this new economy of tighter budgets and more intense competition, you can no longer rely on doubling your leads—you've got to convert more of the leads you already have. Here's how to turn existing leads into first conversations, and ultimately, into revenue.
> Read more
By Jim Banks, CEO, ShadeTree Technology

Marketing Watchdog Journal is a monthly newsletter from Bulldog Solutions, a lead optimization and lead management company dedicated to helping our clients generate more, better leads and turn them into revenue. We welcome your feedback on this newsletter's content and design, and encourage you to share your ideas for topics you would like us to cover in future issues. Please send your comments or questions about Bulldog Solutions to Amy Bills, senior manager of Field Marketing.

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